1 oz Valcambi Gold CombiBar



With the 1oz Gold Valcambi CombiBar, it's easier than ever to add gold to your portfolio, with the added flexibility of being able to break off bars for gifting and trading precisely.

This one troy ounce Gold CombiBar from Valcambi can be easily broken down into ten small gold pieces, each weighing .10 oz., offering more flexibility and convenience than a traditional gold ounce. IRA accepted and minted in the well-known Valcambi SA facility.

Each of the ten pieces of the CombiBar can be easily identified thanks to a hallmark and stamp of the gold’s purity. The gold bar is stamped with a unique serial code, comprised of six numbers and two letters, that correspond to a certificate of authenticity. The freedom and versatility of this gold bar come at a much lower premium than an equivalent quantity of individual .10oz. coins, making the Valcambi CombiBar one of the most lucrative and sensible investment purchases on the fractional gold marketplace.

As one of the world’s largest refiners of gold and silver bars, Valcambi is a trusted and recognized name that you can depend on. Each CombiBar is individually packaged with Valcambi certification to ensure authenticity.

Features of the 1oz Gold Valcambi CombiBar (10 x .1oz bars):

• Minted in Valcambi SA, Switzerland
• .9999 pure gold
• One troy ounce in weight, divisible into ten 0.10 oz. bars
• .85mm thickness
• Features an assay card with individual identification code
• Eligible for precious metal IRAs

All ten of the 0.10 oz. bars are presented together in a sealed protective assay package, with an accompanying assay card which lists the weight and authentication of the bar. The obverse of each of the bars features a single stamped Valcambi logo, alongside the bar's purity and weight, while the entire combination of ten bars on the reverse depicts the unique serial code and product details, which are only ‘revealed' when all ten bars are together.

Reverse Auction


This is a bit different than a regular auction.

In a reverse auction the winner is the last ticket drawn, not the first.

Throughout the evening tickets will be drawn in batches. These tickets are eliminated from the competition. As the evening progresses there are fewer and fewer tickets remaining in the competition.

The longer you stay in the competition the more valuable your ticket gets. In the last three rounds of the evening, competitive ticket holders will be able to sell their ticket(s) to others. The club will broker the sale. This is a great way to recover your initial investment and hopefully, make some money in the process.

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