The Rotary Club of Dunwoody - 2020 Governors Ball


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It takes money

Service Above Self is a serious ambition. Our capability to serve others and our community requires that we are a high functioning, networked, sustainable, impactful force. Raising funds is not easy. It requires a professional approach based on several components.

Planning – Our efforts to raise money are supported by our Strategic Plan. Our goal isn’t to have money. The goal is to serve our community. Ask us for our plan and we’ll show you what we’re trying to do.

Strengthening – We are a viable club only when we’re strong. Our fund-raising efforts force us to self-evaluate regularly and adjust our Strategic Plan.

Prioritization – We know what we want to do and our teams stay focused on our goals. Our efforts to fund our projects makes us prioritize. We want to know what’s most important and what has the most impact.

Awareness – The service that we provide makes us well known to the people we serve. Our efforts to raise funds makes us known to the public at large.

Sustainability – Our goal is to alleviate the greatest community needs. We try to be impactful. We want to help, yes, but do it in a way that minimizes the problem itself. That takes persistence, commitment and knowledge that our future is sustainable. Without our fund raising efforts we would become weak and vulnerable.

How can you help?


Join the club - Become a Rotarian and be a part of Dunwoody's finest service organization. You'll be among leaders in the community who share the common bond of Service Above Self.

Be a Sponsor - There are various ways to sponsor our activities. See our Sponsor Page in the drop down menu.

Attend the Governors Ball - There is space available for people to join us. Enjoy the evening of dining, dancing, auctions, games and entertainment.

Provide items for Auction - We're always looking for interesting items: events, restaurants, wine, art, jewelry, gift certificates or anything else that someone would buy at auction. See below.

Donate - Or simply make a donation to our charitable fund. 100% of that donation will go towards one of our many service projects.

Download the Auction Item Donation Form

Auction Items are essential to the success of the Governors Ball. Please consider items such as:

Jeweltry, Gift Certificates, Wine, Event Tickets, Art, Sports Memorabilia, Collectibles or anything else that will inspire a guest to make a bid.

Gov_Ball_Auction_Item_Form_2019 (doc)